Client 2023


Empowering Businesses with Engage's Seamless Automation Dashboard
Engage provides businesses with the best marketing automation tools to deliver personalized campaigns and automate their customer onboarding, conversion, and retention messages through SMS, email, and push notifications.

The aim of this project was to improve the user experience, ease of use, and navigation, give the platform a refreshing and pleasing UI in comparison to the current live dashboard and make it seamless for users to navigate core functions for easier messaging automation.

Rvysion transformed Engage’s marketing automation experience by designing a user-centric web app dashboard that enhanced the overall user experience, making messaging automation seamless and efficient. Leveraging our expertise in UI design, we created a visually refreshing interface that differentiated Engage's platform from competitors which resulted in an improved dashboard that streamlined core functions for easier messaging automation, revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers through Engage.

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